""Less than six months after Girls Fly! I was at the mountain top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa! Girls Fly! helped me overcome my biggest mountain - fear of disappointment. They gave me a safe place to share, connect and believe. That was 2011.
I am now living another dream in Australia - connecting my passion for serving, my interest in health with engineering.""

− Jade (30 yrs.), Engineer - Brisbane, Australia

""All I can say is GO! Every "girl" needs to be reminded that her dreams are valuable and she counts.""

− Aimee (10 yrs.) Phoenix, AZ

"Girls Fly! reminded me that I am not to old and my granddaughter is not to young to follow that voice within. I found my voice at Girls Fly! That's what Girls Fly! supporters did for me - change my way of thinking and our lives""

− Mary Hill (64 yrs. young), Blythe, CA