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What is Girls Fly! ? 

    • Girls Fly! is a single day event where we turn up the volume on the girl voice inside attendees, ages 6 to 85+ years old.  Surrounded by mentors who are volunteers and fellow dreamers, they share a hands-on experience associated with their dream.  Our venue host are referred to as Dream Releasers.  They share their own dream journey story as the attendees gets a tangible reminder of what is possible.  Girls Fly! eliminates the familiar barriers of age, social or financial status, by uniting the women and girls around a shared longing within their heart – their dreams.  

    • Men are very involved in Girls Fly!  Male attendees have brought important females in their lives to Girls Fly! experiences in order to encourage them not to give up on their dreams. This has included brother’s bringing their sisters, single dad’s bringing daughters, son’s have brought their mothers, grandmothers and others.

    • Attendees have included people like, 64 year-old Anna who brought her 9 year-old granddaughter to Girls Fly! Tucson to meet women pilots from a cross sector of aviation experiences.  Both held a dream of being pilots.  Anna didn’t want her granddaughter to give up and she wanted to find a way to reignite her own belief.  It worked.  

Mission Statement

    • Girls Fly! is dedicated to women and girls who hold dreams  in the “soft” spaces of their lives (your heart, your soul, your thoughts).  Our contribution to public good is in partnership with Dream Releasers to create safe spaces for interactive experiences.  We empower and accelerate dreams. 

Girls Fly! is a project of Community Partners®