Money Moves™ & The Power of Our Purse™

Advancing the dreams of women and girls by advancing their: 
  • Financial literacy
  • Knowledge of investment options 
  • A roadmap to creating financial legacies
  • Everyone!  When girls succeed so do their families, communities and nations  
  • Women who have felt invisible, regardless of their age and socio-economic status
  • School-age girls
  • Women aspiring to grow wealth
  • Women veterans
  • Women with disabilities
  • Organizations serving women and girls


“When God dreams, He dreams big and I decided to follow His examples.”
--Madam C.J. Walker


  • To create a safe space for women and girls of all ages and socio-economic status to believe in their dreams because they understand money. 
  • Our goal is to bring joy-filled gatherings, materials and personal relationships into thoroughly inspirational experiences. 
  • Our focus is to help women and girls of all ages turn up the volume on her internal voice.
  • Our reference to “girl” is not limited to the chronology of a young girl, but that moment in life when all women BELIEVED that her dreams and aspirations were possible.
  • NO DREAM is too big for Girls Fly! 
  • NO girl is too young to aspire to their dreams! 
  • NO woman is too old to make her remember that her life and her dreams still have value!

It was the observation of our founder, Gael-Sylvia Pullen, that the younger the girl the more certain she was that her dreams had value and were achievable. The older the girl the harder it was for her to hold on to this valuable part of who she is. She also observed a disconnect between young women, their dreams and money. It is our dream to connect women and girls around the world based on what we have in common and to show them pathways to financial literacy and financial legacies through the power of their purse and their most cherished dreams.
We show her paths to making her dreams a reality, connecting the dots money in her purse and her dreams.

Our Founder’s Mission

To grow the current community of 340 individuals to an additional 340 women of color within Women Moving Millions.  Women Moving Millions’ members each make a minimum $1M commitment to organizations and initiatives benefiting women and girls.  Girls Fly!  is her commitment.

As a member of Women Moving Millions, Girls Fly! is one way that Gael-Sylvia Pullen is fulfilling her pledge to be supportive and exemplifying the diversity of leadership associated with women and girls, including those of color who are most often mistaken for only being on the receiving end of the philanthropic spoon. She dreams of us being the poster child of financial legacies, not seen only as those in need. Her time is devoted to developing an economically sustainable revenue model in each community where we have Girls Fly! Affiliates serving others. Girls Fly! is living out loud the power of our purses and how we give value to all lives when we give power to the belief that women and girls, indeed, do fly.

To support organizations that move women from being viewed as charity to the positions of financial influencers.  Women Moving Millions, similar to Girls Fly! 

  • Represents a new era of modeling multi-cultural partnerships, diversity, equity, inclusion
  • A new era of resources by and for women
  • Using the power of our voice to share a new chapter in women's’ history 
  • To influence and inspire others to create financial legacies through investing with a gender heart lens.

Girls Fly!  is guided by a mission and work to accelerate the progress of women, particularly those underrepresented as financial leaders, philanthropists and high earning business owners; we come together to bring knowledge, resources and partner collaboratively to drive new solutions that propel us closer to a more equitable financial future.  This is the dream of Girls Fly! And the Power of Our Purse™ – TO MOVE MONEY!