We create a safe space to believe. This joy-filled day is thoroughly inspirational, helping girls turn up the volume on her internal voice.

We show her paths to making her dreams a reality, connecting the dots associated with her dreams and other important aspects of her life such as:

  • Financial literacy
  • S.T.E.M.+ Art
  • Social Responsibility
  • Intercultural Understanding
  • Community Engagement
  • International Experiences

Pathways that help girls identify the supportive resources around them, including those available digitally.

Pathways that lead promising students toward colleges and universities, such as Pitzer College, that others thought were beyond her reach.


Girls Fly! takes the intergenerational voices of a girl’s dream as influence to move her in positive directions. The positive dreams of her father and mother, grandmother, aunts and community partners become the seeds that Girls Fly! helps her nurture. We create an atmosphere of authentic celebration of who she is, where she is, and who people are as a race.

When our founder was an adolescent girl, “colored girls” were defined not only by what was spoken into their lives, but the power of the unspoken words. The unspoken messages either unleashed a world of possibilities or forever bound that adolescent girl to the limiting expectations of others. The voices of “the others” were most often adults. By junior high school, they were words mimicked by peers. They could not see a colored girl achieving more than themselves.

Girls Fly! Gael Sylvia Pullen and core of twenty-eight colored girls who represented regions with a history of oppression, e.g. Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi, launched Tucson on May 7, 2011. A partnership was created with the Pascua Yaqui Native American leaders and women in elected offices in Nogales, Mexico to bring a new unspoken message associated with the diverse leadership of colored girls. We anticipated 45 local attendees across all ethnic and socio-economic sectors and four simultaneous iFly experience.

As a member of Women Moving Millions, Girls Fly! is a way that Gael Sylvia Pullen is fulfilling her pledge to support girls and exemplifying the diversity of leadership associated with girls of color. She is developing an economically sustainable revenue model in each community where Girls Fly! experiences are serving others.